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Benefits Of Mental Health Test

Benefits Of Mental Health Test

Benefits Of Mental Health Test

Benefits Of Mental Health Test – The perpetrators of the deadly collision case Afriyani undergo mental health tests. Afriyani reportedly asked to perform tests of mental health by filling out the problem as much as a 500an question. As a psychiatrist obviously, then I thought that perhaps the intended test is a test of the MMPI stands for the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. This type of mental health examination ever carried to the future President and his Deputy in the year 2009. I still remember correctly comments of Mr. Jusuf Kalla who said that he spent about 1.5 hours to fill the MMPI, while Mr. Wiranto commented that it felt both of them no one is experiencing mental illness.

Of course many people are asking, what is the MMPI test were and how can be a reference to the medical expert of the soul of a doctor to assess the mental health of a person. Then, is it only to distinguish people who are sick and who doesn’t? In this article, I will explain a bit about what the MMPI test were.

What is the MMPI test? MMPI stands for the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventor, is a personality test that is most widely used in parts of the world. This test is the result of collaboration from a psychologist and a psychiatrist named Starker. Hathaway PhD and Dr. JC McKinley, both of which come from the University of Minnesota. The usefulness of this test in general is to identify the personality and symptoms of psychopathology (mental health disorders) on the person who is tested.

This test is an expert psychiatric doctor tools that are most widely used, especially in Indonesia. The test is not the same as IQ test or aptitude and abilities test which commonly used by psychologists. So, what is assessed and the output result is not like a psychological test. The MMPI test has been mentioned above is the test that is used as a tool to assess, or more accurately predict symptoms of psychopathology and personality that may be present in person. This test is not to determine innocence or someone fill out questions that are usually represented by the answers to agree or disagree, but rather an interpretation of the relative increase in the value of the factors in the scale against the a wide range of normal populations has been investigated.

MMPI test not only uses to have usability notice of any disruption of the soul or the symptoms of psychopathology on someone. Because, of course, these conditions can be recognized a psychiatrist with a psychiatric examination and interview.

The MMPI test rather be a tool that can see a wide range of factors in a person’s personality. This test can be used in the selection of incoming employees in a company because this test’s ability to predict a person’s personality. MMPI test can see if someone has a good ego maturity, the ability to restrain emotions and the domination in social life. This test can show the existence of a trend analysts the symptoms of psychopathology can appear when someone is experiencing pressure in his work. Things that can be assessed in this test, such as symptoms of depression, the trust towards others, suspicion and sensitivity, hypochondriacs, schizophrenia, anxiety, doubt, and obsessive thoughts. For use in student circles, this test can predict the trend of the presence of dangerous behavior, such as the use of substances such as alcohol and tendency of relying to something of substance. In addition many more usability MMPI test so that its use is very necessary in the conditions that require high objectivity.

One thing which is quite exceptional in the MMPI test is that judgments made in computerized thereby reducing subjectivity from the examiner. Another advantage that these tests can tell if people are filling these tests lie, pretend good/bad or excessive response to questions the questions in the test.

After learning at a glance what the MMPI test were, we wish all readers can start to understand about the benefits of the MMPI test in assessing the mental health status of a person. The healthy condition of the soul is certainly not just means as not experiencing disturbances of the soul. Disorders of the soul in the current context always be interpreted narrowly as the condition of the patient’s psychiatric times as heavy as crazy. The problems associated with Afriyani is actually more to how Afriyani are capable of dealing with lawsuits which is dedicated to her. Although in the medical text book of the soul, the use of such substances can cause interference with the date but I am sure that the MMPI mental health test is done not to seek a diagnosis of the disorder. The diagnosis of psychiatric patients could be anything but the most important thing is whether she can afford and faced in the trial. In some previous cases involving the perpetrators allegedly suffered disruption to date, judge date tagline with the help of experts (in this case the forensic psychiatrist soul) do while doing the acts of the offender understood the fish will the consequences of her actions. Whether her actions could be accountable to her. (see article 44 of the CRIMINAL CODE, “whoever did the deed that cannot be accounted for him because of his mental disability in the growth or disturbed because of the disease, there are convicted”).

The diagnosis of disorders of the soul was not immediately freed the perpetrator from punishment, because people with disorders such as light insomnia can be free from punishment because of psychiatric diagnosis in the guidelines of insomnia or can not sleep disorders is including mental disability. So let’s just see how investigators and other law enforcement usage using a mental health test results the MMPI which done to Afriyani. We wish the best to happen in connection with the case.

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