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Ideas Of A Mental Health Day

Ideas Of A Mental Health Day

 Ideas Of A Mental Health Day

At October 10, known as the World Mental Health Day. The mental is one part that is important in the body. This is because of unhealthy mental condition can disrupt the balance of body and soul. With the world mental health day to commemorate, we expected to participate maintaining mental health with these easy steps:

1. Do Physical Activity

Physical health connected closely with mental somebody’s health, and vice versa. One way is by exercising. Exercise has already proven to be one way to maintain mental health in order not easily attacked by stress and depression. Exercise especially outdoor sports are able to burn calories, healthy body to improve the life expectancy of a person. Environment and human activities now need a little room to move. This is why the sport into one of the ways to eliminate all sorts of distractions and mind with outdoor activities.

2. Work Hard, Play Hard

Take a break for a moment if you feel activities by overload. Apply the concept of “Work Hard, Play Hard, so if your activities proved too draining time and energy you need to be able to balance it with other more enjoyable activity, such as a snack or hangout with friends. It good to work hard, but don’t forget to have fun. Balanced the life and activity. Take a short break from the bustle could balance the good life and will have an impact on mental health.

3. Adequate Rest

Sleep is one of the most basic functions to keep the intake of energy smoothly. Lack of sleep causes a variety of health problems including mental health is compromised. By having enough rest time, the body will feel fit to do other activities. The average human takes at least 7 hours of sleep each day.

4. Talking About Whatever You Feel

One way to maintain the health of the mental is to spread them out to people you believe the most. Bottom line, don’t save it self. The more you open the better your mental health. But remember, don’t spread every problem to many people, enough to closest people only and most trusted one. If you want to specify the same vent confused anyone, you can consult your problems to a psychiatrist and mental disorders which you dealing with.

5. Expressing Emotions

Emotion is a normal part of human beings. Don’t be shy to let out your emotions like crying reaction is laugh out loud to get angry. This proven way is to prevent of your mental health problems than harbored emotion too long. Some people may need to learn to let out his emotions without having to feel ashamed. Release the emotions like laughing and crying can ease the burden of a person. For example, a good cry can sometimes let go of a lot of frustration or pent-up stress. Same is the case with a laugh, you can let go and share positive emotions that are being felt. Learn to laugh at living longer, and perhaps you can feel better. As reported by the Pscychology Today, expressing emotions get to unburden the weight and also emotional disorders.

6. Take Time To Gather With Your Love Ones

Get together with your family, friends and dear ones is the best medicine to restore morale. One of the human nature is socializing. Do not shut down while face problems. Sometimes everyone needs attention and affection from others. Socialize with people around are very important for long term mental health. You are the responsibility on you, so strive to always keep your mental health by trying to blend in with the environment. Try to learn to be friendly to others and you will be surprised by their reactions.

7. Time Control In Using Gadgets

In addition to the important things, you can control the use of gadgets in your daily activities. Too much looking at gadgets and social media can effect on mental health. Some people even deliberately close their social media accounts due to being distracted by social media notification.


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