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Lets See Your Mental Health Condition Through This Image !

Lets See Your Mental Health Condition Through This Image !

Mental Health Condition – To know the emotional or mental health does not have to go through an elaborate stage. Use a simple test, one of them named Szondi test. This test was first introduced by Leopold Szondi in 1935 in Budapest, Hungary. Szondi asking people to see some of the photos and then choose one of those judged to have similarities to themselves.

With this test, it will show an aura of someone with mental problems that wracked. However, no need to worry because this test only covers a simple things and it is not complex. These tests also can not become a benchmark, due to the need to prove the doctor’s diagnosis. Lets just try, select and view the results.

 Lets See Your Mental Health Condition Through This Image

  1. The Sadist. Figure 1 shows you potentially have characteristics of sadism. The factors could be from pressure in the life experience of authoritarianism, the need to dominate, and the tendency to have bad intentions. In addition, you whom got this image may offend or demean another person’s behavior without you even realizing. But on the other hand shows that you is an easy subject to personal please and the nonviolence.
  2. Epilepsy. Figure 2 shows that you have a personality disorder related to brain disease, damage, and epilepsy. You people are easily offended, easily angered, and frequently make people hurt without you even realizing. In another personality, thus you are a good, gentle, friendly, effective, and responsible and able to control themselves.
  3. Catatonic. Figure 3 shows that you have a mental disorder that is happy to imagine too deep. In addition, you quite hyperactive to get you lost consciousness. In other characteristics, you tend to be old-fashioned and plodding to innovation or change, including a shy attitude difficult to blend in the new environment.
  4. Schizophrenia. Figure 4 shows that you have apathy and uncontrolled emotions. The factors might be from a feeling of indifference towards others are sourced from childhood experiences. But other characteristics, you people are able to socialize properly. Although you often think don’t need others, even side by side with the crowd.
  5. The Hysterical. Figure 5 shows that you have unstable emotions, narcissistic, and exhibitionism. You have to appear charming and clever to take care of appearance and behavior to look elegant and neat all the time.
  6. The Depression. Figure 6 shows that you always have a sense of guilt and a very depressed person which difficult to control. On the other hand, you always show the dynamism, confidence, and optimism. Sometimes, you can be angry and melancholy.
  7. Maniac. Figure 7 shows that you are identified as being wasteful, arrogant, and easy emotion. Not only that, when you gets the moment of joy, you can not control it. On the bright side you are a person who is not easily provoked and can become exemplary discretion.
  8. Identity Disturbance. Figure 8 shows that you are identified as a person who wanted to be accepted and valued by the opposite sex. The factors can be derived from the pressures of gender identity in childhood. On the bright side you have the assertiveness showing biological side aka normal. If you are a guy, you’re very masculine. And, if you’re a woman, you are a sexy women teasing in the eyes of men. (*)
Leopold Szondi, the inventor of Szondi simple test to find out the mental health or emotional.

Leopold Szondi, the inventor of Szondi simple test to find out the mental health or emotional.


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