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Let’s Try Your Mental Health Tests

Let’s Try Your Mental Health Tests

Let’s Try Your Mental Health Tests

Mental Health Tests – This is just a simple example, if you want to test the mental health, you must answer the questioner that exist to determine yourself mental health. The following are discussed Hipkondriasis, Depressed, and Paranoid only.



Hipokondriasis is where someone’s personality often complain about their health disorders, for example, he’s just a cold but he feels and assume that he’s been exposed to a polyp. Too worry is also not good for mental health, to find out how big these problem disturbe, there are some questions, you just have to choose Yes or No answers.

  1. almost every week I some times experience interference on gastric disease [Yes] [No]
  2. I often feel tingling or like there is something to creep on some parts of my body and feel the heat [Yes] [No]
  3. I almost never suffered headache [Yes] [No]
  4. I often feel pain in the solar plexus [Yes] [No]
  5. I often feel pain in the head or nose feels compressible [Yes] [No]
  6. I often have problem on your stomach or abdominal pain [Yes] [No]
  7. I have never experienced difficulty in disposing of huge water [Yes] [No]
  8. I have never suffered a severe cough so to spew blood [Yes] [No]
  9. I sometimes feel a pain in my head and when being touched it feels sick [Yes] [No]
  10. I regularly saw a doctor [Yes] [No]


Nature of depression is a very pessimistic attitude towards the future, feeling hopeless, sinful and desperate. Thoughts and actions is slow, sometimes rather do unclear grumpy, and at a certain level of depression can make people commit suicide. Just as I’ve described, you just have to choose the answer Yes or No to this questioner.

  1. I am often awakened by noise [Yes] [No]
  2. I frequently feel strained when work [Yes] [No]
  3. Sometimes there is a desire to slam the goods items in front of me [Yes] [No]
  4. Now I have been able to take a decision than it used to be [Yes] [No]
  5. Everything has happened as it is and it is difficult to change it [Yes] [No]
  6. Sometimes I still hang on to something, make others become impetuous [Yes] [No]
  7. Sometimes I like disturbing the animal [Yes] [No]
  8. I feel that life is very rewarding [Yes] [No]
  9. Lately I am very diligent about going to the places of worship [Yes] [No]
  10. I strongly believe about the coming of the last day [Yes] [No]
  11. I have never suffered from a chronic cough [Yes] [No]
  12. I never felt worried about stricken with the disease [Yes] [No]
  13. Sometimes crossed in my mind that I want to pick a fight with somebody [Yes] [No]
  14. I never suffer from epilepsy-step [Yes] [No]
  15. I often issue a cold sweat when feeling ashamed and it is annoying as hell [Yes] [No]
  16. I never suffer from asthma or allergies [Yes] [No]
  17. I was very pleased with the variety of toy that entertained [Yes] [No]
  18. Sometimes I am blocking someone who wants to do something, not because of one issue but because of sheer principle [Yes] [No]
  19. I often dream about the things I was supposed to save it myself [Yes] [No]
  20. I don’t feel more nervous than others [Yes] [No]
  21. I very rarely feel sore [Yes] [No]
  22. Despite the cold, but I was easily sweaty [Yes] [No]
  23. I never blamed others who take advantage of people who are off guard [Yes] [No]
  24. Sometimes I excitedly a whole day [Yes] [No]
  25. On some parts of my skin feels very thick [Yes] [No]
  26. I never felt worried by the door and a locked or window yet when I travel [Yes] [No]
  27. Once in a while I was laughing when I heard a joke which lead to porn [Yes] [No]


The paranoid personality is the one who always behave weird and have a wrong belief, he does not want to blamed when clearly obvious he is wrong and always turned on the others for its inability and failure, he wants the win itself (nearly the same with egotistical).

  1. I feel life is unfair [Yes] [No]
  2. I feel other people already disagree with me [Yes] [No]
  3. I feel will be more successful if I do not passed by others [Yes] [No]
  4. I often feel distracted by the sound of a strange sound when it was with the same clustered [Yes] [No]
  5. I feel that others have cornered me so I’m not real anymore [Yes] [No]
  6. I was convinced there was a plot that was hostile to me [Yes] [No]
  7. I feel there are other people who are staking motion of my movement [Yes] [No]
  8. I feel anyone wants to poisoned me [Yes] [No]
  9. I feel unfairly treated and punish me without cause [Yes] [No]
  10. I feel there are other people who want to steal my ideas or thoughts that this brilliant [Yes] [No]
  11. I strongly believe that I am a sinner and got the curse [Yes] [No]
  12. I feel both my parents and my brothers and sisters often blame over supposed [Yes] [No]
  13. I don’t care what happens with you [Yes] [No]
  14. I suspect there are others who want to master my thoughts [Yes] [No]
  15. I am sure that there are others who talk about me [Yes] [No]
  16. I feel that the other person has done evil deeds with magic to me [Yes] [No]
  17. I feel there are other people who want to influence my mind [Yes] [No]
  18. A lot of people say a rough things and taking action against despicable me [Yes] [No]

After you answer the questions then comes the see the key answer. If your answer is correct/matching with the answer keys then multiply by 1 of its score, but if it false the score is 0.

Key Answer of Hipokondriasis



Value of description:

Very high        = > 7

Height            = 7-4

Average         = 3-2

Low                 = 1

Very low         = 0


A brief explanation;

  1. Very high: in fact you are not sick, your just too suspicious of your disease. Every day you go to the doctor, but not the physical/body that hurt, it is you who began have a mental disturbed.
  2. High: you being too childish, you never feel grown up, and about your disease, you did not hurt anything.
  3. Average: you don’t complain a lot about your disease except when it really hurts.
  4. Low: you never complained at all, and friends of your are happy at your personal.
  5. Very low: you are totally rare illness, love, caring, seldom anxious and never panics.

Key Answers of Depression



Value of description:

Very high        = > 21

Height            = 21-12

Average          = 11-7

Low                 = 6-3

Very low         = < 3

A Brief Explanation;

  1. Very high: you are include a people who have an attitude of apathy, not passionate, often feel guilty and sinful. Your life is covered by a sense of unhappy as though the world will collapse and very pessimistic towards tomorrow, so you do not have the ability to change it, you don’t react when receiving encouragement from the outside.
  2. High: you have a private who was too and no satisfied with circumstances, individualisistis also sensitive. You can’t trust the others, easily offended, often anxious, very emotional and sleeplessness.
  3. Average: you are not so optimistic about your future. Despite often getting in trouble, but you were able to overcome it.
  4. low and very low: you were the person is optimistic, good at hanging out and willing to learn, then the results will often you get because you rarely worried.


Key Answer of Paranoid

(1 – 15 Yes)

Value of description:

Very high        = > 15

Height            = 15-11

Average         = 10-7

Low                = 6-3

Very low         = < 3

A brief explanation;

  1. Very high: your friend says, that you now do not believe in anyone. You presume that yourself is a more correct and everyone else is always wrong.
  2. High: you too be vigilant so you suspect the person too excessive.
  3. Average: even though you’re pretty vigilant, emotional, and sensitive, but the reason you’re still way.
  4. Low and very low: you are good at asking for help others and you are quite alert.

Thus are the explanation from me, hopefully it will be useful for the readers. Thanks.

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