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Mental Health Day 2017: Highlight on Mental Health Employees

Mental Health Day 2017: Highlight on Mental Health Employees

Mental Health Day 2017 Highlight on Mental Health Employees

If you often feel stressed during the work, you are at risk of experiencing mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Health problems of employees in the workplace during this so the spotlight is always focus on physical only. While mental health workers rarely talked about.

It then becomes a focus on World Mental Health Day which falls on October 10, 2017. The theme is also the appointed Mental Health in the World. According to Dr. Andri SpKJ FAPM Psychosomatic Clinics of the Omni Hospital, this theme more highlights of mental health in the workplace. “We know this time that occupational health focused on physical or safety problems at a company. While the mental health problem of employees was never be a major focus.”

Stress at work cannot be avoided simply by its employees. These conditions have a large influence to impede the performance of us. “An awful lot of judging the relationship between stress and work place, where usually people experiencing stress due to too heavy work load,” Dr. Andri said.

Suppose people experiencing mental health problems, such as depression, stress, and anxiety, certainly cannot work with a maximum in the workplace. The impact of this condition will affect the quality of life, as well as the quality of the work of that person. “It’s become very important to be noticed by all of us. Not only employees, but also as someone who gives jobs to the employees.”

These topics then become worthy to be discussed because we often unconsciously experience psychiatric problems but did not get a good handling. If the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are experiencing disruptions that occur in a row, it’s good to do consultation with the expert. It could be met with the doctor, psychologist, or physician. “Don’t put on hold due to psychiatric disorders will be deeply connected with other problems including physical disorders. Because, this psychiatric disorders can be cured.” Dr. Andri said.

A psychologist sex, Dr. Helen Driscoll, argued that someone who spent much of his time in the virtual world, including online games and social media as well as the possibility of sex with robots can affect mental health.



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