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Mental Health Definition

Mental Health Definition

mental health definition

In defining mental health, strongly influenced by the culture in which the person resides. What can be done in a particular culture, it could just be a weird thing and not normal in another culture, and vice versa. Mental health is a situation where a person does not experience the feeling of guilt towards himself, has estimated that realistic toward himself and can receive a deficiency or weakness, the capability of facing the problems in his life, having a social life satisfaction, as well as having the happiness in his life.

There were many ways in define the mental health (mental hygene), namely:

  1. Mentally healthy because it does not suffer a mental disorder. Mental healthy people are the ones that are resistant to mental illness or free from pain and disorders of the soul. Mental health means “the presence of successfull adjustmet or the absence of psychopatology” and it can be said as “a state in which there is an absence of dysfunction in psychological, emotional, behavioral, and social spheres”. This sense is both dikotomis that people are in a state of pain or healthy psychic. Healthy if there are no the slightest disruption psychic, psychic disorders and if there is then classified as a sick person. In other words it was mentally ill and healthy it is a nominal which can be distinguished from the group. Healthy in the sense of “free from interference” has meaning if there is a disturbance although it just a little, someone that’s considered as unhealthy.
  2. Mentally healthy if not ill due to the stressor. Mental healthy people are the ones who can refrain not to fall sick due to the stressor (source of stress). Someone who is not sick despite experiencing pressures then according to this sense is a healthy person. Understanding this very emphasis on an individual’s ability to respond to its environment.
  3. Mentally healthy if in line with capacity and in harmony with the environment. Individual to a healthy mental state if freed from psychiatric symptoms and optimal functioning of the individual in the social environment. There is this sense of individual aspects and environmental aspects. Someone is mentally healthy if he is in accordance with his capacity of himself, and the right to live in harmony with the surroundings.
  4. Mentally healthy because it positively grow and develop. In here, mental health defined in a more comprehensive and sees the mental health as a “positive”. Mental health is a person who continuously grows, develop and mature in his life, accepting responsibility, find the adjustment (without paying too high a cost on their own or by the public) in the participating in maintaining the social rules and actions in culture.

Of the various existing notions, Johada encapsulates the notion of mental health with three principal characteristics suggests a healthy mental:

  1. A person conducting a conformity to the environment or do attempt to control, and to control their environment, so it’s not passive social conditions take it for granted.
  2. A person shows their needs – maintain stable personality integration is obtained as a result of the active settings.
  3. A person perceives the “world” and himself properly, independent in terms of personal needs.

The World Federation of Mental Health (World Federation for Mental Health) formulates the notions of mental health as follows.

  1. Mental health as a condition of allowing the existence of optimal development of good physical way, intellectually, and emotionally, as long as it complies with the state of other people.
  2. A good society is a society that allows this development on the members of the society other than at the same time guaranteeing growing and tolerant society to the other. In the context of the World Federation of Mental Health it is clear that mental health was not enough in view of the sheer individual but at the same time getting the support of the community to developing optimally.

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