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Mental Health Illness Tests, Bipolar Disorder: Do You Have It?

Mental Health Illness Tests, Bipolar Disorder: Do You Have It?

Mental Health Illness Tests, Bipolar Disorder: Do You Have It?

The disease of bipolar disorder is very unique. Some experts say bipolar disorder is not a disease, but rather the side of personality. Most other states that bipolar are disease. Whatever that bipolar disorder is very disturbing. Even not just annoying, but can ruin the life of the sufferer. Sufferers of bipolar disorder must be battled against himself in order to enjoy the life. Therefore, it is very important to heal him. Bipolar Disorder Self-test below simply questions asked, so that you can identify yourself, whether affected by bipolar disorder or not.

Bipolar Disorder

Recognize the symptoms of depression: Bipolar Disorder Test 1

Identify if you experience interference below. This bipolar traits at least 4 characteristics and was felt for at least 2 weeks.

  • You lose your sense of fun and interest on various things
  • Problems in eating, loss of appetite or otherwise eat a lot
  • Feel the fatigue which is very exceed
  • Sleep problems (can’t sleep because of the jittery, anxious, etc)
  • Feel sad without being noticed
  • Feel homesick towards something
  • Desperate
  • Feel there is nothing to understand yourself
  • Loss of interest
  • Want to commit suicide

Thus are a hallmark of depression. All sufferers of bipolar disorder experience a depressive episode in his life. If there are 4 traits of these traits and settle in you at least for 2 weeks, read the next hallmark.

Recognize the symptoms of a Manic Episode: Bipolar Disorder Test 2

After experiencing episodes of depression symptoms, you feel the opposite. Precisely all the opposite of all that. For example grandiositas, that is the very opposite of confidence, a sense of despair. Yes, excess self-confidence is a hallmark of people with bipolar disorder. All people actually feel the two conditions. The level is different. People with bipolar disorder feel both of those things in a state of “over-dose”. The level is in the extreme level. When breaking up there, they think of suicide. When the spirit of will.

And make sure the other traits in Manic Episodes


  • Feel very confident
  • Feel able to do everything
  • Very sharp intellect
  • Many ideas flowing
  • Believe that everything done will be successful
  • Want to share someone else’s treasure
  • Work very hard
  • Motivated
  • Very happy
  • Angry
  • Singing
  • Not sleepy
  • Experience the mystical things
  • More laughs
  • More humorous
  • Increases libido
  • Enjoy the natural beauty
  • More talk


That’s what the signs of bipolar disorder. To perform the test bipolar disorder, pay attention to the characteristics, namely with the 4 traits 2 weeks: that is a minimum of 4 main characteristics and experienced during 2 weeks. After two weeks later it will go into other episodes. And of course to better ensure should consult directly with the psychiatrist.

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