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Mental Health Nursing Definition

Mental Health Nursing Definition

Mental Health Nursing Definition

Mental health is one of the indicators for measuring the public health degree. Mental health indicator in the future is no longer a problem such as the prevalence of clinical disorders of the soul, but rather a context-oriented social life. Therefore the effort for the health of the soul is the responsibility of the Government, the community and involves a wide range of professions including nursing. According to the Danardi from the psychiatry section of FKUI, mental health focus is the ideal optimum condition in behavior and ability to function socially.

In this article, will be learned the basic concepts of mental health and nursing knowledge as the basis for discussing the next topic on mental health nursing courses i. discussion of this has to do with the subjects. It has been studied previously i.e. psychology and basic concepts of nursing. This topic is very useful for learners to give knowledge about the characteristics of one’s soul healthy or disrupted, the sense, the history of development, philosophy, the role and function of nurses, as well as the principle of conceptual models and theories of nursing mental health. These concepts provide direction for the nurse to administer the health service to the community, especially in mental health nursing practice in an attempt to improve, prevent, treat or restore the mental health of a person up on stage optimal. To facilitate the learning process of these learners are advised to read the references relating to the subject matter in question.

Understanding The Mental Health Nursing.

Many definitions explained by nursing expert about the mental health nursing. The Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) officially recognizing mental health nursing is one of the five core disciplines of mental health. Nurse soul used the knowledge of psychosocial, biophysical sciences, theory of personality and human behavior to get the theoretical frame that underlies the practice of nursing. The American Nurses Association (ANA) agreed with CMHS, who explained that the mental health nursing is a specialized area of nursing practice that uses the science of human behavior as a basis and use myself (expression, motion body language, eye gaze, touch, therapeutic) in a tone of voice as tricks in improving, maintaining, restoring the mental health community and clients anywhere. The expertise of mental health nursing is caring for someone with mental aberration which the nurse must have the knowledge and skills (sensitive, listen, don’t blame and give encouragement) to find basic needs clients who are distracted as physical needs, safe and comfortable, the need to love and be loved, self-esteem and self-actualization. Patients or clients are treated in the form of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities (Sadock) in the entire span of life since its conception to seniors.

Based on some of the above definition can be inferred mental health nursing is:

  1. Is one of the areas of specialization of the soul in the practice of nursing.
  2. Have the typical scientific basis as to his torso that is the science of behavior, psychosocial, biophysical, personality theory, communication, education, etc.
  3. Have special tips to take care of the client that is using self nurse namely gestures, language, expression, touch, eye gaze and tone of voice.
  4. The nurse must master a wide range of knowledge and skills (listen, sensitive, empathetic, not blame, motivating etc.
  5. The client is being treated in the form of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities with mental lapses start time of conception until seniors anywhere.
  6. Task or role of the nurse is to find the client needs.
  7. Aims to improve, maintain and restore mental health clients

Any interested nurses and implement the practice of mental health nursing are advised to master a wide range of knowledge and skills as well as specific tips to be able to carry out their role and function as a nurse who is responsible for achieving the purpose of nursing that is assigned to each client is treated

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