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Mental Health Nursing Definition

Mental Health Nursing Definition

Psychiatric and mental health nursing is a nursing specialty practice areas that apply the theory of human behavior as their knowledge and therapeutic use of self in as tricks. They are based on the diagnosis and intervention of individual responses will be mental health problems that are actual or potential. There are four characteristics of nursing:

  1. Phenomenon means the range of responses associated with the observed at healthcare to the sick and the healthy that became the focus of diagnosis and treatment of nursing.
  2. Theory means the concepts, principles and processes that guide the understanding of the nursing interventions and responses related to healthy.
  3. Actions mean intervention to prevent health.
  4. Evaluation of nursing actions means influence associated with unidentified health response and nursing care of the anticipated results. Comprehensive services focused on disease prevention, mental health, the management of health problems or refer physic and bounce, diagnosis and intervention of mental disorder and as a result, and rehabilitation.

Mental Health Nursing Definition

Nursing/mental psyche are expected to examine in a comprehensive manner, using skills, solve problems effectively with complex clinical decision making (advocacy), collaborate with other professions, sensitive to the issue that includes ethical dilemmas, jobs, fiscal responsibility. So the role of the nursing professional soul has grown in the complex history of the elements of the original. The history of the development of the soul in the evolutionary history of nursing residents, we know several nursing theories and models which became the core of nursing of the soul, which is divided into several periods. Initially the care of patients with disorders of the soul was not done by a health worker (Custodial Care). Treatments are isolation and care. They are placed in a special place, which later evolved into the Primary Consistend of Custodial Care.

Mental health is feeling healthy and happy and able to cope with life’s challenges, be able to accept others as they are and have a positive attitude towards yourself and others. Mental health includes:

  1. How you feel towards yourself
  2. How would you feel toward others
  3. How do you deal with the question of the ability of your life everyday.

Nursing of the soul began between the years 1770 and 1880 along with incident handling on a mental illness. Earlier, at the time of civilization the spirits believed as the cause of disruption and kicked in order to be healed. The ancestors of Greece, Romans and Arabs believe that emotional disorders caused of not functioning organ in the brain. They use a variety of approaches to action such as: poise, good nutrition, good body hygiene, musics and leisure activities. During 7 b.c., Hippocrates describes a change in behavior or character and mental disorders caused by changes in the body’s fluid 4 or hormone, which may generate heat, cool, dry and moisture. Aristotle complete with heart, and a physician, Galen: Greece stated emotions or mental damage associated with the brain. The people of Greece using the shrine as a hospital and provide environmental clean air, sunshine and clean water to heal mental/mental. Cycling, hiking, and listen to the sound of the waterfall for example healing. Philosophy is usually defined as a view and knowledge of the fundamental, which is further used to develop and build a perception or certain assumptions about life. Philosophy gives a picture or view of a system of values and beliefs. For each individual, the philosophy was instrumental in helping someone understand the meaning of life experiences suffered as well as serve as a guide in the being and behaving. Person’s life philosophy developed through the results of learning, interpersonal relationships, education, formal or informal, religion, and influenced by cultural background as well as the environment.

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