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Mental Health Nursing Description

Mental Health Nursing Description

 Mental Health Nursing Description

According to ANA (American Nurse Association), nursing mental health is a special area in nursing practice that uses the science of human behavior as the base and use yourself in therapeutic in improving, maintaining, restoring mental health mental health clients and communities where the client is located. The work of the mental health care among other are;

  • Assist with the assessment and monitoring of treatment conditions and medical needs of the patient physically and explain the procedure for patient care
  • Maintain records of patient charts and complete condition and treatment reaction
  • Conduct an assessment of nursing takes place from all patients on daily census or census by shifting
  • Demonstrates basic knowledge in applying specific behavior intervention for acute pain patient needs
  • Ability to quickly assess the medical psychiatric complex care problems
  • Provide specific health education necessary for clients who needed
  • Assist in the process of team building to get a member of staff medical and non-medical to work together in the best interests of the patient
  • Ability to diagnose medical conditions of psychiatric symptoms
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic psychotropic medication management and related mood side effects benefits them and the correct therapy doses
  • Basic knowledge of how to quickly interpret and understand lab values in connection with psychiatric conditions
  • Set the base 1:1 patient medical management plans
  • Ability to present the history of patients with clear and effective assessment plans or emergency room physician treatment psychiatrist or other Nursing staff
  • Under the guidance of communicating plans assessment of patient care or the history of a judge hearing a court setting or other Reese in a competent manner concise and accurate
  • Acclimates patients for routine health care facilities encourage patients to participate and guide patients in personal hygiene as part of the overall treatment and rehabilitation
  • Assisting with the assessment made recommendations on the patient’s treatment needs and social related to carry out planning
  • Assist the individual and group counseling sessions
  • Assist in the preparation of equipment and supplies and help doctors during treatment and examination of patients
  • Assist in maintaining a safe environment for staff and patients by removing physical hazards provides patient seclusion and direct physical restraint of patients
  • Assisting in the direction of nursing job related para-professional staff who assist in the provision of patient care
  • Individual Patient transport to and from facilities
  • Comply with the standards of confidentiality privacy laws
  • Incumbent s may not be required to perform all duties listed and may be required to perform specific tasks for additional positions
  • Work done at the facilities crisis-in-full patient manual dexterity and visual acuity needed
  • The work involves exposure to potential situations of high risk patient and physical several non-standard work hours required.

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