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Old is one process that must be carried by every human being. The process of aging is a process of disappearance slowly networking capabilities to improve/replace and maintain its normal function so that it could not survive against the infection and repair the damage suffered.

In fact there are no limits, at what age a person’s appearance began to decline. On everyone, physiological function of the tool body is very different, both in terms of the achievement of the Summit as well as declining. On the stage of aging WHO has given the limitations, namely middle age (middle age), is the age group 45 to 59 years old, elderly (elderly) = between 60 and 74 years old, elderly parents (old) = between 75-90 years, and age is very old (very old) = over 90 years.

Along with the aging process, there are some problems of either physical or mental experienced person. This post will only discuss the mental disorder that is common in elderly people, namely:

Senile dementia (dementia). Old age is often forgotten but they are unaware of the power of lost the memory ability. Changes in personality or behavior at this stage further, the elderly can experience confusion, lingering in the (go aimlessly), often nocturnal enuresis.


The pressure of the soul (depression). Elderly often complain of fatigue, pain, sore and feel lost interest will become his habit, quick temper, quick to take offense. In addition to these symptoms often arise other symptoms such as feelings of low self-esteem, sadness, loss of pleasure, sleep disorders, guilt, loss of confidence, decreased sexual desire, slowing movement and speech, impaired appetite, feelings of want to die/commit suicide, poor concentration.

Anxious. Elderly physically feel the symptoms of tension like the heart pounding, sleeplessness, then the more obvious symptoms arise with anxiety and concern.

Sleep disorders. Sleep disorders is a situation that is difficult to sleep, restless sleep (sleep isn’t refreshing), often waking up suddenly at bedtime, wake up prematurely.

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