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Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

mental health nursing personal statement

Ever been to a mental hospital? If it not, probably you never see or interact with someone or more than one person suffering from mental illness?

What do they do?

For two years in psychiatric field during lectures master’s in Thailand, plus a period of practice in the mental hospital when was at undergraduate college, made me realize that we (people who took it didn’t hurt) and the sick soul is the question of stigma. According to KBBI, stigma is a negative trait attached to one’s personal influence their environment

So, if a person is already infected with a severe illness, should be treated in a mental hospital, usually its people will label them as ‘crazy’. On the contrary, tends patients in hospitals will reject the term crackpot aimed at them.


“I am not mad, just there is damage in the brain”. I once heard an answer like that from my patients.

Physically they are healthy. Eat three times a day with a balanced menu. Can sleep well though times where it’s not worth it. The different perhaps of they sleep most hours, this usually happens due to side effects of the drug and have no other activity in the hospital room. They could tell which beautiful women or handsome guys and which are not. Miss pretty nurse, willing to be my girlfriend?” Cast the occasional words like that when groups of nurses practice passing in front of them.

Another time I shocked heard their statements. Bro, I do not like that Enurse. She was speaking with us with the face is always frowning. Do not ever look at our eyes.”

When looking at a mental hospital patient is in labile condition, maybe you’ll see them angry, hitting anything in front of their eyes, blushing and looking suspicious of anyone they meet. Destructive behaviors like this occur due to reflections from hallucination they have experienced. Whether a hallucination of hearing or sight. Both are potentially raises behavior destructive.

Ever seen a patient soul while giggling, speak for themselves, or looked suspicious of someone?

Are you aware enough? That those behavior we consider only suffered by patients with disorders of the soul, also once we experience? Let’s keep that in mind. We may never devalue and laugh at someone’s life. We think that his way of life is very funny until we burst out laughing and then invite others to laugh with us. Not quite up there, we also share them on social media by adding a sentence that is as funny as possible.

We might never suspect excessive on a neighbor who suddenly can renovate his shack into a terraced houses and fill their houses with modern all-round facility. Start by adding a question asked here and there we are, find out how the poor neighbors could suddenly rich.

We may never make fun when a friend to publish her picture in social media, but we never know maybe only this banter we would have an impact on his life. We’ve probably insane, narcissistic greatly in social media. In fact we may include one of the many people who are addicted to social media so that when one day only we cannot interact in social media, we feel like a sick person. Yes, just when someone is addicted to drugs, and not get it briefly then someone will feel the pain is incredible.

We’ve probably withdraw from social intercourse. In the digital age, their association with the invisible felt more fun than hanging out with that look in our round. So when our neighbors are sick, we never know. When our brothers make events and festivals, we never present and invented an excuse not to attend. Yes, we suddenly have the conditions just as the patient’s condition. Have a world of its owned that cannot be accessed by others.

Yes, we all have the potential for mental illness, even without having to be diagnosed by a physician of the soul, though not in a chain or hospitalized in a mental hospital.

Are we aware of that?

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