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Mental Health Professional Definition

Mental Health Professional Definition

 Mental Health Professional Definition

Person’s mental health plays an important role in his life. Because mental health is a health benchmark if you guys want to be accepted in a company, a neighborhood and a scope of friendship. In addition to mental health traits in a person, we think often that is a person’s resilience when faced a problem. In fact the factors that affect mental health not only that. A variety of factors such as the environment, health history could also be a factor. So this is what causes the definition of mental health has various explanations. According to some experts also say that the surrounding community also plays a role in a person’s mental health.

The definition of mental health in psychology said that mental health, strongly influenced by the culture of the person’s place of residence. Because of something you did in a particular cultural environment, could be something weird and not normal if you are in another cultural environment, as well as the opposite. Different mental health definition thing again according to Pieper and Uden, mental health is a state of affairs that makes someone not to have feelings of guilt in itself, as well as having a realistic estimation of himself and can be receive a deficiency or weakness. As well as his ability in dealing with the problems in his life, and then have the satisfaction in the life of sociality, and had joy in his life. Here the notion of mental health experts.

Mental health according to the World Federation for Mental Health

The definition of mental health in psychology, according to the World Federation of Mental Health says that mental health is a condition of allowing the incidence of the development of a person that is optimal and either a physical, emotional, intellectual even. The good society is a society that allows this development happens on the members of the society. As well as guaranteeing join growing and tolerance of the society around them. According to the WHO mental health is not only the view of a person, but also gain support from surrounding communities create more optimal. So the definition of mental health in various psychologies, but it made sense to formulate mental health is not an easy thing especially in a comprehensive manner. So, in order to help people understand the meaning of the mental health made the principles that could be handle you guys.

The principles of psychology in the mental health definition the first is more of have no abnormal behavior. This principle confirms that a person is said to be a healthy mental state is not enough if the person is not experiencing or abnormality is said to be normal. Because mental health’s concept of has more positive meaning than general meaning or a statistical concept of normality. Mental health definition principle in psychology goes on to say that mental health is the concept of the ideal. This principle also asserts that mental health is a very important purpose for a person. Given that the nature of the mental health is continuum, so someone trying to obtain the most optimal healthy condition. As well as continue to create healthy conditions reached the highest of the surrounding people.

Mental health according to Vaillaint

Mental health traits according to Vaillaint is a healthy mental state of the person is the person that can be resistant to mental illness as well as free of pain as well as disorders of the soul. As was ever expressed by Kazdin that definition in psychology mental health is “A State in which the absence of dysfunction in the field of psychological, emotional, behavioral, and social”. This indicates that the good people in a State of pain or healthy psychic. Healthy here means that there is not the slightest experience a psychic disorder, and if you have a psychic disorder it will be regarded as a sick person. So the meaning of healthy and mentally ill was more nominal nature differentiated into several groups. Healthy here has the sense of “free from interference”, so that when there is a disturbance a little though, that person will be considered unhealthy.

Mental health according to Kirkpatrick and Frank

The definition of mental health in psychology next, according to experts in the Notosoedirjo and Latipun that say when someone is said to be a healthy mental state, that person can refrain not to fall sick due to the stressor or we know with the stress. Mental health psychology of someone said to be healthy if the person will not hurt although get pressure-the pressure of the surroundings. This sense is more emphasis on a person’s ability in responding to the surrounding environment. Next up is the factor that affects the mental health of a person. A person is said to be a healthy mental state if it could be in line with its capacity as well as in tune with the environment around them. According to Lee a. Kirkpatrick in Notosudirjo & Latipun, says that a person is considered a healthy mental state if freed from mental health disorders. As well as being able to interact optimally with its social environment. These senses contain elements of individualism as well as environmental elements.

The concept of a healthy person mental health mental illness is usually based on conformity with the capacity themselves, as well as the right to live in harmony with the surround environment because the mental health of a person is growing and evolving positively. The definition of mental health in psychology, according to Frank, L. K., says that one’s more comprehensive mental health as well as mental health can look positively. He said that the mental health of a person who is constantly growing, thriving and mature in his life, could even be held responsible, as well as being able to adapt and be able to participate in keeping the social rules and the actions in the culture.

Mental health according to Jahoda

The definition of mental health in psychology according to Jahoda in Notosoedirjo and Latipun say that a person’s mental health has three principal mental traits. The first, a person is said to be healthy if it is able to adjust against the scope of mental health. Or did an attempt create a knack, as well as being able to control the environment around them. So it is not passive and resigned to accept the social conditions surrounding it. Second, someone will point out his personal integrity and will maintain the stability of the integration of the personality of her active settings. The latter, one can perceive the world as well as himself, as well as independent regarding his personal needs.

The definition of mental health in General

The definition of mental health in psychology as general said that mental health is a part of the characteristics of a person’s quality of life. This principle also said that the quality of life on a person shown with her mental health. So it’s not likely someone ignoring her mental health if it is to achieve a high quality of his life. Or on the contrary a person going to say quality of life has increased in case of increasing her mental health as well. So it could be concluded that mental health is a condition in which more emphasis on personality, emotional, intellectual and physical person can function optimally. As well as being able to adapt to the demands of the surrounding environment and the stressor. As well as being able to run a capacity in harmony with the surrounding environment. Mastering the surrounding environment and feel comfortable with yourself. The latter definition is being able to adjust themselves well against the demands of the social cultural surroundings, as well as continue to grow, develop and mature in his life.

Some experts agreed with the general conclusions above; because mental health is one thing we can see directly from the way someone does her activities. A person’s mental health may affect the way she conveys something or the way he was bubbling up feelings of his heart. People who have a good mental health is certainly more thought about the feelings of others than himself. May these readings can be useful and add your insight about the science of psychology in the mental health. Be Healthy!!

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