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Mental Health Promotion Definition

Mental Health Promotion Definition

Mental health promotion is the process that enables people to improve or have greater control over their health. Mental health promotion aims to increase or fix the capacity for mental health of individuals, families, organizations and communities. Has been widely understood that the meaning of healthy people not merely the absence of disease or disorder. Health effect upon the capacity of the people to form the social, interpersonal and relationship to communicate, to think, to feel, and to lose and changes, a productive and prosperous lives.

According to the Mental Health Foundation in America, mentally healthy have the ability to;

  • Develop psychologically, emotionally, creatively, intellectually, and spiritually
  • Take the initiative, to develop and sustain a satisfying personal relationship
  • Utilize aloneness (solitude) and enjoy it
  • Be aware of others and empathize with them
  • Play and learn
  • Develop a sense of right and wrong
  • Face problems and misfortune as well as learn from these events, in ways that are aligned with the level of their age

Mental Health Promotion Definition

Health promotion is concerned with empowerment in individual or community. At the individual level, the target is empowerment, for example, parenting, self-esteem, resilience, and psychosocial competencies. While at community empowerment, social inclusion, built through the program of anti-bullying, sensitivity and social solidarity, social support, justice and equality. All of this is intended to reduce structural barriers on health, such as eliminating discrimination and inequality in access to housing, education, employment, etc., and susceptibility to health problems, problems absenteeism because of health condition, problem-the problem of learning and behavior, the behavior is at risk, and neglect and violence (abuse).

In the model organism and their interaction transactional with the environment, what is experienced by person at a time in life, it is not the function of the internal state of his own and neither simply environmental conditions, but the impact of the complex interaction between the person and the environment. Both on the individual alone and there are environmental risk factors and protective factors or resilience. Furthermore, these factors could hoard the cumulative effect both on the individual, family, or the surrounding environment. Therefore, the promotion initiatives need to include attention to the individual himself so he could have the ability to face difficulty, and on the other hand, the environmental engagement, including structures that facilitate planning and decision making in the procurement and implementation of the service.

The literature has demonstrated the existence of a clear connection between the lines of the difference, injustice, the disintegration of social relations, and the decline of social capital and the welfare of the birth and inner with a problem-the problem of health. When mental health is placed as a key in the overall health of the Community (school, neighborhood, and a broader scope), then promotional programs, including building up social capital, must be get priority. Empowerment mainly meant for make a big possibility of how one can have control over his own life.

In empowerment initiatives, health promotion and health disorders are prevents multifactorial and when resilience or enlarged protective factors, then the individual will be even greater robustness in arranging her life. In contrast, when risk factors became more and more engorged, the risk of disorder and disease be improved significantly. Thus, the ratio between the two is considered the likely impact of the top measurement of what happens to those who are vulnerable or exposed on risk factors, compared with those who are not vulnerable. In reality, it is often not easy to determine more specifically what the risk factors that contributes to real and this is true for a variety of disorders, depending on the stage of development of the child as well.

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