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Mental Health Quotes Stigma

Mental Health Quotes Stigma

Mental Health Quotes Stigma

“A mental disorder is not something that is shameful, but stigma and bias make a fool of us all.”-Bill Clinton

In developing countries, the issue of mental health is still a topic that is marginalized. From 4 of 5 people with mental disorders has yet to get the appropriate handling and the family was only using less than 2% of its revenues to the handling of people with mental disorders.

In Indonesia itself, the stigma against people with mental disorders cause them difficult to get a proper handling and isolated. Even the data from basic health research mentions that in 2013 there are 56,000 people with mental disorders are stocks because of the negative stigma, lack of information, and bad handling facilities.

Other data from the health research base in the year 2007 in Indonesia, there are about 1 million people who experience severe psychiatric and 19 million people with disorders of the soul is mild to moderate, with the amount increasing significantly. The figure actually is just the tip of the iceberg that holds other latent potential dangers.

Mental health issues in a continually marginalized will give bad effect for Indonesia. The drop of productivity proves a real impact on the economy. Daly (Disability-Adjusted Life Year) or the time lost over the past year from people with mental disorders apparently 12.5% greater than the sufferers of systemic heart disease and tuberculosis.

Even according to the WHO (World Health Organization) and WEF (World Economic Forum) mental disorder became the greatest economic burden worldwide than any other health issue by spending $2.5 trillion in 2010 and is expected to be a trillion-dollar $6 in the year 2030 because of 2/3 from the loss of funds unused due to disability and loss of employment. Whoever unequivocally stated that the physical and mental health development are balanced is a liability that should be borne jointly by the Government and the whole society.

Based on the fact that the community should have been more aware of the importance of to mental health due to directly impact the economy of the country and affect the human development index. Negative behavior and stereotypes that people with mental disorder is a strange and dangerous frequently pinned increasingly undermines people with mental disorders to be able to receive appropriate responses and hamper healing and their social adaptation.

The condition is increasingly aggravated with the attitude of the society prefer to do the stocks and traditional medicine without evidence of powerful impacts rather than looking for a psychologist, a psychiatrist or other mental health practitioner.

According to psychologist from Illinois Institute of Technology, Professor Patrick Corrigan., PsyD, the stigma against mental disorder increasingly getting worse. Several mental disorders such as depression and social anxiety disorder has symptoms or simtom i.e. feel themselves isolated and uncomfortable when you meet others, then conceivably the condition of people with mental disorders who have simtom. It will be increasingly exacerbated by negative label from the community.

This makes people with mental disorders are increasingly lonely, isolated, and difficult to get the right handling. Some even internalize the message and form a negative self-image so they feel unworthy to live and choose to hurt yourself even committed suicide.

According to the WHO in 2005, there were 50,000 people who commit suicide each year and continue to rise. This indicates that people with mental disorders are less social support so that more chose to end his life.

There are many things that communities can do to overcome it. One of them is to reduce the negative stigma against people with mental disorders and to realize and accept that they are in fact also is a man who deserves to get attention and appropriate responses. In addition, the community can also grow more sensitive to the attitude of his relatives.

When one member of the family is seen having some simtom which leads to mental disorders, early detection of mental disorders become important steps that can be done to anticipate so that people with mental disorders do not experience conditions are getting worse. Simtom related information and initial steps of handling people with mental disorders has been widely distributed on the internet.

One form of our concern towards the relatives is to gather that information and help spread it to people nearby. Make time to listen sincerely relatives problems undiagnosed disorders of particular souls can prevent the symptoms got worse. Furthermore, the realization that the condition of mental disorders just as important as physical disorders conditions need to be further improved.

Related to it, the Government can provide socialization and education about various mental disorders to reduce stigma and misperception that often pinned to a society of people with mental disorders. The Government will also need to pay more attention to the facilities and quality of handling people with mental disorders.

Better education also needs to be given to people-people who care and active in dealing with people with mental disorders. It is time the allocation of funds from the Government is not only used for purely physical health but also mental health, given the many research stating that most physical health problem rooted in mental problems.

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