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Oral Health Disorders Caused By Mental Health Stress

Oral Health Disorders Caused By Mental Health Stress

Stress can be found on anyone and at any time. Physical health problems due to stress have been known for a long time, but its impact on the new oral health is best known in recent years.

How stress can affect your oral health?

Stress is a biological reaction against impaired physical, emotional, or mental. Stress can affect the durability of the body against disease. Types of stress that can affect oral health are stress in the long terms that have failed to be controlled.

Stress causes changes in the body in regulating some of the components of the mouth as saliva production that acts as a defense system of the oral cavity. Stress also increases the risk of infection and lesions on the walls of the mouth and gums. It is also found in a study that stress can be the beginning of the development of the disease, as well as triggering the decrease in consciousness for maintaining oral health.

Oral health problems which can be triggered by stress

Here are some health problems that can occur when someone is experiencing chronic stress:

  1. Apthous stomatitis. Also known by the term canker sore or thrush is a health problem that often arises when a person is undergoing stress but not known for sure what the cause is. A study showed that stress due to the mental and physical pressure can increase the risk of the emergence of recurring canker sores. Mental pressure has a risk of triggering the appearance of thrush. If you experience this problem, avoid spicy and acidic food and use the ointment for thrush.
  2. Bruxism. This is a disorder characterized by the behavior of swiping and griting teeth up top with the bottom, done unwittingly. This can appear as a sleep disorders which are more likely to be experienced while stress, or as a habit that comes up when you’re anxious. Bruxism tooth movements trigger abnormal excessive and damaging tooth enamel coating. If it happens during sleep, these disorders can also cause headaches when waking from sleep. Not only tooth decay, the friction movement can cause discomfort due to damage to the joints that connect the bones of the lower jaw with the ear or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). To avoid further damage, this habit must be stopped and you can use protective gear especially while sleeping at night.
  3. Dry mouth. Dry mouth can occur when experiencing chronic stress due to mental pressure. This condition can also occur due to a disorder of the immune system caused by chronic diseases such as diabetes, as well as drug side effects of depression. Chronic stress can impair the central nervous system and disrupt the work of various glands one of saliva. Saliva or fluid defense systems important for oral cavity, so the condition of dry mouth can trigger complications such as damage to teeth and gums, oral lesions, as well as infections in the mouth due to a decline in the immune system. Controlling stress and minimize dryness of the mouth is much needed to be done to address this problem.

 Oral Health Disorders Caused By Mental Health Stress

Stress makes people less pay attention to oral health

Experience stress can change the behavior of a person, especially to do with the way the mouth care rinse or brush teeth, to pass the examination schedule. The other condition that is triggered by stress such as dry mouth may accelerate damage to teeth and gums. What if the dietary changes with your intake of vitamins and minerals that a little but high in sugar, then thinning the teeth can occur very quickly.

That is why maintaining healthy living patterns still need to be done. Avoid excess consumption of sweet food as a deal with stress, and choose healthier activities such as exercising to reduce stress.

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