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The Importance Of Mental Health Tests

The Importance Of Mental Health Tests

Medical examination includes inspection of the physical and mental health as well. On a mental health examination, the thing that is done is by filling out a mental health test called MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory). This mental health tests done by completing a number of statement with an answer Yes or No and then the results are put into a computer program to further read the result by psychiatric expert physician/psychiatrist.

The Importance Of Mental Health Tests

Adaptability is the work which done in order that the individual is able to answer the demands and challenges in life. As we know, in understanding this adaptability is closely associated with the changes that occur in the surrounding environment. This change will always happen along with the changing times. So in other words, this self adjustment is individual interaction continuous with the the individual himself, with others and with the world around. To be able to fit in well there are five characteristics of effective adjustment: an accurate perception, the ability of overcoming stress and anxiety, a positive self-image, the ability to express feelings, and a good interpersonal relationships. In order to conform to the individual is not always successful. The individual may have difficulty in adjusting. Difficulty adjusting to make the individual distress, anxiety, feeling guilty and others. For it required a tool to be able to figure out how to structure the individual personality so that it can be seen the potential, lack, and her mental capacity. Failure in adjusting called maladaptif. Many individuals are experiencing this maladaptif because there are events which cause it to among others: the problem of work, disputes with spouse, loss of a loved one, etc. The result of this maladaptif is feeling frustrated, physical complaints, dangerous behavior, work effectiveness declined even bias occurs the difficulty socializing in public.


Mental health tests is an instrument that can describe someone in personality so it can be known to potential, and also the symptoms of mental disorders occur. By knowing the personality then we will be able to optimize the potential we have and fix things that could still be improved.

This Mental health tests can be used as a personality test for:

  • Selection of the employees in the company
  • The selection of prospective students in college
  • Selection of abroad labor
  • Placement of someone fitting his personality
  • Find out the structure of personality, psychiatric symptoms, potential, mental capacity
  • Knowing the “index of the OCEAN” (change of DNA)
  • Find out the potential work, adaptability, psychological barriers, the behavior risk, and moral integrity

Mental health tests can also be useful for screening and early detection of the existence of mental disorder occurred at someone as this is an objective test. Is your mental health enough?

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