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The More Intelligent, The More Vulnerable To Have Mental Health Stress

The More Intelligent, The More Vulnerable To Have Mental Health Stress

Many people like to grow smarter, or at least keep the smart functions till old. In fact, intelligence is complex and much influenced by what people do every day.

 The More Intelligent, The More Vulnerable To Have Mental Health Stress

Intelligence is also composed of some types, such as including emotional intelligence, natural intelligence, and so on. Details about this intelligence makes more difficult to understand. These following are four things about intelligence that you need to know.

  1. Brain games do not add intelligence. With the increase in the prevalence of Alzheimer’s or dementia, many experts recommend to do brain games to strengthen the ability of the brain. Studies do show there are benefits related ability given and concentration of activities. But there is also a misconception when brain games can also improve overall intelligence. Because, after measured person who does game brain in certain period of time, it does not indicate an increase at the score of his intelligence.
  2. The more intelligent, more vulnerable affected by mental illness. Many found the case of scientist suffering from mental health disorders. How to do? A number of studies show, people with intelligence above the average have a gene that is also associated with diseases such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
  3. Those who sleep late and wake up late are generally more intelligent. The habit of going to bed and wake up late from sleeping has been known to be associated with the risk of diabetes, cancer, and fertility problems. But there are also benefits that people from these groups are getting smarter, for example. The study found, their average score is better in a test of General Intelligence.
  4. IQ Tests can’t measure the intelligence. Intelligence is a complex thing, so IQ test actually cannot demonstrate the intelligence of someone actually. A study of the origin of Canada demonstrate, intelligence can actually be measured from short-term memory tests, the ability to give a reason, and verbal ability, which in its entirety cannot be proven from test IQ.

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