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The Role Of Mental Health Nursing

The Role Of Mental Health Nursing

The Role Of Mental Health Nursing

According to Stuart and Sundeen (1995) in providing the care and service of mental health nursing, nurses can do activities on three main areas, namely 1) Provide nursing care directly, 2) Communication activity 3) Activity in management or nursing management.

In the relationship with the client, the nurse there are some roles of nurses in mental health nursing, include:

  1. The competence of the clinic.
  2. The client and family advocacy
  3. Financial responsibility
  4. Cooperation between different disciplines in the field of nursing
  5. The responsibility to sue social
  6. Parameters of conduct-legal.

The role of nurses in mental health services

At every level of service, mental health nurse has a specific role:

The roles of the nurse in the primary prevensi;

  1. Provide guidance about the principles of healthy people.
  2. Does a change in living conditions, poverty levels and education
  3. Provide education under normal conditions, growth and development and sex education.
  4. Perform the appropriate reference prior to the event of a failure of the soul.
  5. Help clients in general hospital psychiatric problems to avoid.
  6. Together with the family to provide support on its members to improve the function of the group.
  7. Active in community or political activities related to mental health.

The roles of nurse in the secondary prevensi;

  1. Do the screening and evaluation of mental health services.
  2. Carry out home visits or services handling in the home.
  3. Provide emergency Psychiatry in General Hospital.
  4. Creating a therapeutic environment.
  5. Supervision of clients who get treatment.
  6. Suicide prevention services.
  7. To give consultations.
  8. Carry out the intervention of crisis.
  9. Providing psychotherapy in individuals, families and groups of all ages.
  10. Providing interventions on communities and organizations identified yan problem.

The role of the nurse in tertier prevensi;

  1. Carry out exercises Polytechnic and rehabilitation.
  2. Organize the care of patients who are already home from a mental hospital to ease the transition from hospital to community.
  3. Provide care during treatment options on the client.

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