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Tips & Tricks Of Mental Health Test

Tips & Tricks Of Mental Health Test

Tips & Tricks Of Mental Health Test

To be accepted in desirable institution or organization, in the process of listing the participants will surely through many stages of the examinations or tests. One of the stages of the test is Mental Health Test. For participants who qualify in this test, the participants would advance to the further stage of tests. And when the participants do not qualify in this stage, the participants will fall and not be able to proceed to the next step.

This article will examine the tips and tricks that can be done to face the mental health tests, so that participants can qualify and advance to the next test phase. Please try.

  1. Blood tests. Drinking white water lot, consuming any fruit juice, and eat a lot of vegetables.
  2. Blood Pressure Test. If your blood pressure high/low then you should follow these tips. Just info, normal blood pressure is 120/80. To make your blood pressure remain normal, you should have enough rest in the evening, do not stay up late, and drink a cans of bear milk (bear band).
  3. Urine Test. A lot of the content that will be tested on the urine test. Good urine is clear and do not turbid. How to outsmart the test is pretty easy. Drink a lot of water. Avoid drinking not required medicine or multivitamins.
  4. The Lung Tests. Another name of this test is a test of X-rays. This test is a test of the most dangerous and scary for smokers (active and passive). How the hell to outsmart it? For a while of these x-rays tests, the first is stop smoking. Frequently breathe the fresh air in the morning. Consume a soft drinks 3-5 days before the examination, as much as possible, approximately 1.5 liters per day. This is done to make the pulmonary look clean on the results of x-rays.
  5. Hearing tests. The test is usually called a test of Audiometry. We normally will be checked using the headset, which will test the right and left ear in responding to the sound with the level of decibels that coherently. For outsmart it, clean the ear hole, stay away from loud sound source (music concerts, speakers, crowds, etc) 24 hours before the examination
  6. Vision Tests. The test is also referred to as a test of Visual acuity. We will be faced with a test of the ability of our eyes to see far away by using the Snellen card in the form of the order of the letters that vary in size. When you use the glasses/contact lenses, no need to worry, because the test is not a measure could or not you read those letters, just match the condition of your current eye health. There is also the outsmart way, i.e. with Memorize a few letters order in advance when you queue up waiting for the turn to the inspection.
Snellen Eye Chart

Snellen Eye Chart

   7. Color blindness test. These tests typically use a special book, with colors, where each picture hidden a certain numbers.

       WARNING!!! The only one test that could not be outsmart.

       Guess what these numbers?

Color blindness test

Color Blindness Test

That Must Be Done Before The Health Tests:

  1. Expand the consumption of vegetables and fruit juice at least 2 weeks before the scheduled of health test
  2. Avoid a cholesterol food, fried foods, and fatty foods
  3. Expand the drinking of water at least 3 litres a day
  4. Exercise, not a weight necessarily/fitness, simply by jogging every day
  5. Avoid smoking and alcohol
  6. Sleep at least 8 hours a day (maximum at 22:00)
  7. Do not stay up at least 1 week before the scheduled test of your health
  8. This much is forgotten, the milk is indeed nice and healthy, but look at the fat content in advance. So avoid full cream milk and drink low fat milk
  9. Try to not consume any drugs maximal 3 days before the scheduled test of your health
  10. Avoid spicy foods
  11. Keep yourself healthy and strive for the day of your test schedule
  12. Pray!!!

So What Should Be Taken Towards The Health Tests?

  1. Drink milk with soda water. Then after an hour eat soy sauce 1 sachet which measure approximately 25ml. In the morning, please drink a milk.
  2. Drinking coconut water to make clean the lungs
  3. Drink Bear Band
  4. For the SGPT and High SGOT, drinking Temulawak Juice or Curcuma Tablet

The Reason Did Not Qualify Health Tests

  1. Using drugs/Addicts/Junkies
  2. Suffer from Hiv/Aids Or Other infectious diseases
  3. TUBERCULOSIS Or lung cancer or other cancers
  4. Physical disabilities
  5. Having tattoo
  6. Deaf
  7. Severely sight impaired (blind/total color blindness)
  8. Blood pressure Exceeding 135/95 Mmhg
  9. An Enlarged Heart With a high Sgot and Sgpt
  10. Carpels Tunnel Syndrome
  11. Severe Scoliosis
  12. Pregnant
  13. Heart Rhythm Abnormalities/Ecg (Sinus Baradikardi/Flutter With Tyroid T3 T4 &)
  14. Leukemia
  15. Diabetes mellitus suspect/Diabetes
  16. High cholesterol
  17. High uric acid
  18. Hbsag Positive
  19. Starbismus/Squint
  20. Eyes Minus/Plus more than 5 In one or both eyes.
  21. High less than 156 Cm
  22. Psychiatric disorders
  23. There are more than 2 teeth and mouth problems

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