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Types Of OCD Mental Health : Which one are you?

Types Of OCD Mental Health : Which one are you?

5 Types Of OCD Which one are you

Do you ever have an unwanted shadow crossed your mind? As it is exposed to the disease if you holds the common objects, such as a door handle or fears using public toilets? There is great fear of thieves if you don’t lock the door or sign of fire if you haven’t turned off the stove? If your answer is “Yes” and thoughts that crossed over and over again, it means you have a obsessive-compulsive thoughts.

Obsessive-compulsive thoughts is absolutely normal, an international study by Adam Radomsky, Professor of psychology at Concordia University, Montréal, Canada found that 94% of the world’s population has an abnormality of the mind and the thoughts that don’t make sense. Actually what is OCD? Obsessive-Compulsive Disease isn’t Justin Bieber fans who reportedly very obsession with Justin. Obessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder that causes a person to have not reasonable mind and not intentional (obsession) so as to encourage people to behave repetitive (compulsive).

The findings of Professor Randomsky who published in the Journal of obsessive-compulsive and Related Disorders, suggest that human mind is due to intrusive species thinking continuously. The OCD sufferers will feel uneasy if they despite his mind.

Broadly speaking, OCD can be categorized into five types:

  1. OCD Checking. Checking is an irrational fear that makes them obsessed to check. As a result, sufferers of OCD checkers anticipate the occurrence of the accident in the shade with a check over and over again. For example, the fear of losing your wallet so you check your wallet over and over.
  2. OCD Contamination. Contamination is the fear of disease and death in exposed yourself and your loved ones. For example, the fear of eating in public places due to avoid germs and hepatitis diseases so you clean over and over a spoon, fork, and plates.
  3. OCD Hoarding. Hoarding is an OCD sufferer that makes someone collecting worthless stuff because of the fear of bad things happening if the item is discarded. If your area is very hard to find a place full of empty, you can have OCD hoarder.
  4. OCD Rumination. Rumination makes sufferers think of thoughts that are unproductive but over and over again. The mind is usually associated with philosophy, religion, metaphysical, e.g. “How’s life after death?”.
  5. OCD Orderliness and Symmetry. Symmetry and orderliness makes sufferers focused to set all objects equal footing, sort, and symmetrical. For example, the set of items based on size, color, and lettering, and feel annoyed if the sequence is changed.

If the obsession thoughts happen over and over and you just can’t ignore, it could be affected by OCD. OCD is very troubling relationships relational, education and employment because it consumes a lot of time because of the ‘ ritual ‘ of repetitive actions.

If you have OCD, challenge the mind’s obsession-kompulsif, focus on more thoughts, relax, keep health and asked for help from the people around. The support of friends and family is very helpful to arouse irrational thoughts. If your OCD already extreme, consultation, therapy OCD and medication will help overcome the fear.

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